Are you a BBW? Do you have your own idea for fashion? If you haven’t noticed long coats seem to be the most trendy item for the last two years.  I’ve noticed celebrities from the likes of Kim Kardashian to Rihanna rocking these effortlessly stylish coats all over the web, so I made it my business to grab a few to style this winter. bbw  Although this coat is not plus size, I was able to make it work to some extent (the arms are a bit snug for my taste), and for the price you can’t beat it.  I do love the style of this coat, and when I requested it in a size large from Sheinside I didn’t expect it too fit at all because it contains no stretch, but I made it work.  It is supposed to be oversized, but the fit is regular on my frame.  This is a piece that I am going to love wearing this winter now that it is getting really cold in NC.  I will be pairing my long coats with skinny jeans (these Forever 21 jeans are so soft), midi skirts, and skinny trousers.  The styling possibilities are limitless, and I’m excited!

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